Seaweed Extract Based Organic Fertilizer
Seaweed Extract Based Organic Fertilizers are inherently extricated that contain major effective and powerful compounds, which stimulate growth in plants. Alternatively, these increase the shelf life once the crop is harvested as water solubility is their prime feature. In addition, they help in improvising root growth, seed germination as well as early seedling vigor.
Amino Acid Organic Fertilizer
Amino Acid Organic Fertilizers are impeccable source of numerous natural nutrients that are accessible in phosphorus and nitrogen forms, which are certainly valued when customers do not possess sufficient humus in their soil, so far. They deliver constant supply of nutrients that are imperative for plant's health and development.
Hydrolyzed Proteins Based Organic Fertilizer
Hydrolyzed Proteins Based Organic Fertilizers are obtained from organic plant with bacterial source enzymes that are active substances. Integral Amino Acids enable nutrients to be chelated and assimilated in plants to enhance microbes at root area. Particularly, these are formulated to rectify the deficiencies of nitrogen in plants. These stimulates rapid growth in plants because of faster photosynthesis.
Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizer
Our Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizers are high in humic acids that enhance accessible potassium in soil, improve crop potassium usage and assimilation, minimize potassium fixation and loss, retain nitrogen with slow discharge property and enhance soil structure to improve soil's water holding ability. Create effective surrounding for microbial group through our fertilizers to improve soil fertility.
Animal Nutrition Supplements
Sometimes to obtain healthy and rich, one demands to invest in better way. Hence, our Animal Nutrition Supplements essentially offers high protein in raw, proteinate and hydrolyzed form that is beneficial for animals. These supplements can be included in any animal's feed to stimulate better growth in animals such as pigs, cows, goats, etc.
Concentrate Foaming Agent
Concentrate Foaming Agents are special combination of foaming substances that combine with any sort of insecticide as to make a dense foam, moveable into tunnels, drains, wall voids and any different horizontal or vertical surfaces, which fluid insecticides can not approach by their own. Alternatively, they are environment amiable and non-repellent.
Agricultural Fertilizer
Since birth of agriculture in India, fertilizers are deployed like the strength of crops. Similarly, our Agricultural Fertilizers have befriended with farmers as they mainly contain nutrients like potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to enhance growth and hinder formation of bacterial micro-organisms on crops. Get healthy and nutritious crops through offered fertilizers.
Natural Protein Hydrolysates
Natural Protein Hydrolysates are formulated through protein origins by addition and heating of acids and proteolytic enzymes, after purification processes. They are complex peptides combination of various chain extent alongside free amino acids that can be characterized by DH. Highly applied in pharmaceutical industry for making functional foods for patients.
Peptone Fermentation Nutrients
Peptone Fermentation Nutrients are acquired from animal meat or milk assimilated through proteolysis. Alternative to including tiny peptides, the consequent material comprises vitamins, salts, metals, fats and numerous different biological compounds. Therefore, they are employed in nutrient medium for developing fungi and bacteria. Moreover, soya, animal, kosher soy, casein and more versions are available.
Crabshell Biostimulant Fertilizer
Crabshell Biostimulant Fertilizer leaves effective impact on plant's development and enhanced ability to retard numerous diseases, nematodes and fungus. Considering about its important minerals, polysaccharides proteins and nutrients, it is exceptional to offer numerous benefits. When included into soil, it makes hostile surrounding for root and fungus destroying nematodes through feeding organic life that intakes polysaccharide proteins.
Insect Bait

Does not insects hovering around you infuses frustration in you? If you still have not discovered economical solution to completely expel insects from your places sans affecting anything. Grab our Insect Bait that has natural essence that traps insects, when left overnight or some hours opened. In addition, they suppress the insect population in any area.

Seed Coating Polymer
Seed Coating Polymer is employed in film-coating procedure that includes of usage of slim water permeable polymer grounded coating membrane on the pellet, seed coating or seed. It is accessible in assortment of opacities, coverage properties, colors and finishes, for example, sparkle, shine and matt. This possess least components' settling out that ensues higher shelf life.
Plant Growth Promoters
Provided Plant Growth Promoters averts fruits and flowers dropping along with enhancing vegetative development and caliber of latex, green leaves, fruits, vegetables, grains and flowers. They are introduced with more resistance from pest and diseases. These may include nitrogen, potash, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and more compounds in balanced quantities.
Soil Amendments
Material like our Soil Amendments increase farmers' soil physical qualities to bring bright portions of good soil. With beneficial rich nutrients and effective draining, our amendments can function staggeringly for plants' development and roots. Mainly, provided amendments are employed for increasing the water retaining ability of soil. Besides, they improves soil fertility in brief run.
Poultry Animal Feed Supplements
The offered Poultry Animal Feed Supplements can be divided into three categories, such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the most common nutritional supplements used in poultry feed.

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