Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizer

We present the customers our Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizer that is 97-100% water solvent and comprises of k20-10-12%, ha-60% and fa-15%,. This gooey substance comprises of fulvic and humic acids, which successfully decrease the metal particle substance of soil and can alternatively break down the minerals exhibit in soils. This Potassium Humate Organic Fertilizer is utilized to attach the root advancement process, and to improve the soil structure. It is known for the correct creation, excellent execution amid operations and powerful usefulness. This item is utilized to enhance the soil as well as can likewise work like a compost magnifier, soil conditioner and soil life activator.

Key Features:
  • Decrease the fixation and loss of potassium
  • Increment in crop potassium assimilation and utilization, additionally can retain the nitrogen
  • Moderate release and unlock the phosphorus within the dirt
  • Enhance the dirt structure to expand its water retaining capacity
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Potassium Fulvate Plant Origin Fertilizer

Price: 80 INR/Kilograms

We offer best available grade of Potassium Fulvate Plant Origin Fertilizer that offers fulvates with good water solubility. Not only can the product be utilized as a high quality feed additive but it can also be compounded and dissolved with various trace elements like copper, iron, manganese, zinc and boron.

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Humate Granuales

Price: 27 INR/Kilograms
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
  • Color:Black
  • Product Name:Organic Fertilizer
  • Moisture (%):15 %
  • Grade:Bio-Tech and Technical Grade
  • State:Powder
  • Purity(%):100 %

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