Agricultural Fertilizer

Natural composts are Agricultural Fertilizer gotten from animal matter, human excreta, vegetable matter (crop residues and compost) and animal excreta (fertilizer). Normally happening natural composts incorporate animal squanders from meat preparing, guano, slurry, manure and peat. Interestingly, the dominant part of manures utilized in business cultivating are extricated from minerals like phosphate rock or created mechanically (e.g., alkali). Agricultural Fertilizer, an arrangement of cultivating, permits certain composts and revisions and forbids others; that is additionally unmistakable from this point. The fundamental natural manures are, peat, creature squanders (frequently from butcher houses), plant squanders from agribusiness, and processed sewage muck.

Key Features:
  • Makes living soil rich in supplements and humus
  • Builds general richness and suitability of the dirt
  • Non-burning and won't hurt sensitive seedling roots
  • Side-dressing on the head inch of the dirt
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Liquid Seaweed Organic Fertilizer

Price: 95 INR/Liter
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
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Organic Agricultural Fertilizer

Price: 110 INR/Kilograms

Our proven quality range of Organic Agricultural Fertilizer rich in essential nutrients is used for preventing different soil borne diseases in different variety of plants. When used in soil, these fertilizers can regulate the temperature of the soil and also help in proper intake of water and nutrients by the plant.

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Bio Humus Fertilizer

Price: 100 INR/Kilograms

Bio Humus is known for being rich in terms of composition. Our range is of excellent quality, environmentally safe and is supplied in different grades. The product can be used for enhancing soil fertility and in applications where good bactericidal properties are required. The fertilizers we offer are packed with bio stimulators & ferments.


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